Monday, April 12, 2010

Mosonmagyarovar Show 2010, The Report

Today I would also like to share pictures form this year's edition of the Moson show. I travelled 1400 km in total to get there and get back to Warsaw but it was worth the effort.
This event is one of the best in Europe, gathers many excellent modellers from around the world (there were some guys even from faraway lands like New Zealand). For me it was a great opportunity to meet in person some of the guys I only know from the forums and.

There were two replicas based on T 55 chassis, a Panther and a Tiger I.

Crowded exhibition halls and some photos of the presented models, dioramas and figures:

Per Olav Lund brought his award winning "Ragnarok" masterpiece, congrats on this one Per!

Volker Bembennek brought the rusty StuG III G (and mine damaged Ferdinand too):

More excellent stuff was to be found on the exhibition tables, Pz III on Winterketten by Bernhard Lustig:

ISU 152 from Kristof Pulinckx:

Gergo Szaszko brought his LAH Panther G, the model was displayed in the special cathegory (Tigers, Panthers):

More eycatchers:

Kristof's Firefly:

Volker's Ferdinand, one of my favorites:

Bocage vignette from Markus Eriksson:

A Beobachtungspanzer IV J by Kristof Pulinckx:

Henrik Melvold's disabled Jagdtiger with some G.I.s around it:

Erlend Janson's Zil 157 with SA 2:

Sven Frisch presented the Sturmtiger "Now and then" vignette created along with Robert Doepp:

Sunken T 34 by Mariusz Paluch, one of the more interesting pieces with excellent water effects:

Budapest 1956 - a piece of Hungarian history:

IDF Nagamoch, impressive beast:

The 1/48 scale stuff starting with a superb T 34'76, would love to know who's the author of it:

Some Fireflies:

Lars Richter's US captured hanomag:

1/72 scale starting with this crazy PE stuffed Stryker, take a look at that grill armour:

More great stuff presented in the 1/72 scale cathegory, a Pz IV G with Winterketten:

Awarded sunken Sherman by Darek Jędrzejczyk:

Other stuff:

And at last, but not least, the figures, some of them shown here:

Fishing, by Petri Kovanen:

As you can see there were many excellent pieces presented in Moson, it was a real pleasure to see all those mastered models seen on the forums but this time in reality. Second part of the report will follow shortly, enjoy the pics.


  1. Thanks for the set of pictures Radek. Great stuff.

  2. Great stuff! Thanks for taking your time and posting all of these great picks. Is this show in Hungary??

  3. Yes, it's in Hungary. This show is one of the best in this part of Europe. Hope to be there next year.