Monday, March 1, 2010

VII Festiwal Modeli Redukcyjnych - Bytom 2010

I got back from Bytom yesterday evening, the event was even better than the previous year. I took with me two of my models, the Arty Sherman and soviet Pz IV. No trophys for these but I got a medal for the "Old servant tells his tale" vignette. There where many beautiful pieces among the displayed works.

"The old servant..." scene was awarded in the vignette class.

There were some fine busts from Ademola 22:

September 1939 - 40 -1 - polish Spartan against 40 Germans at Wizna (awarded in vignette class):

Sergiusz Pęczek displayed his classy Panther D:

This Ausf G caught my eye too:

Sebastian Woś brought many of his works, among them this 'italian' Pz IV D:

KV 1 by Adam Obrębski:

This one was one of the best models in the soft skin vehicles class:

The show gathered more than 700 models on display, there were modelers from Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Slovakia and Serbia. It was good to meet old friends and meet new people. See you next year.
I only regret that I didn't take more good pictures...


  1. Gratulacje za zdobycie medalu.


  2. A ja tam widzę swoją Pantherę! :D


    Aleksander "icek" Szumski

  3. Fantastyczne !