Saturday, March 27, 2010

SS HJ Panzerknacker - Unterscharfuhrer Finished

The figure of the NCO is finished. It will be yet weatherd prior to mounting it to the base. The figure is mounted ona temporary pedestal. This paintjob was a good lesson and opportunity to practice SS Tarnungs and I'm very pleased about the effects I achieved here but there's always room for improvments. See you soon with the next figure.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SS HJ Panzerknacker - camouflage #2 - Eichenlaubmuster

I started painting the SS Eichenlaubmuster on the blouse of the Unterscharfuhrer. Again Vallejos with few drops of retarder were used.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SS HJ Panzerknacker - camouflage #1

Continuing the paintjob of the figures...

The Unterscharfuhrer has his pants painted, I'll be starting painting the camo blouse soon:

I also started the same on the Schutze and I'm nearly half way finishing it:

Here's my mixture for the italian camouflage, from left to right - brown blotches 337 + 312, yellow-green blotches 321 + 314 and the base - 327 + 330.

More later this week. Have a good Sunday evening.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More figures on the workbench - SS HJ Panzerknacker

After a longer while, finally I got back to the Panzerknacker team from Hitlerjugend. My idea is to finishin painting them to have them ready for Mosonmagyarovar show. These figures are pretty chalenging due to the fact of having camouflaged clothes. The italian camo scheme itself isn't that difficult to paint (especially after studing Calvin Tan's way of painting it). My biggest concern is the german SS oak camo on the NCO's blouse. Will see if I can handle it, hope I can :)

The faces are more or less ready, some tweaks are needed. I applied basecoats for the camouflaged uniforms. I'm not planning any sbs pictures, Calvin did a great job with this on his blog, and I don't think I can do it better so stay calm for a update showing these figures finished.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

German Prisoners Of War, Finished at last

Ostatnie miesiące dały mi się mocno we znaki przede wszystkim przez ciągły brak czasu, a jeśli nawet pojawiały się luźniejsze momenty, to brakowało mi ochoty i chęci żeby cokolwiek skończyć. Po zeszłorocznym sezonie zostało mi całe mnóstwo niedokończonych figur i modeli, nad którymi prace teraz stopniowo staram się finalizować. Dzisiaj mogę pokazać już skończone figurki niemieckich jeńców. Na razie nie mają jeszcze podstawki, tym zajmę się w dalszej kolejności, poza tym zmieniłem nieco koncepcję.
Sądzę, że to jedne z ciekawszych figur jakie udało mi się wykonać w ostatnim roku. Po więcej zdjęć zapraszam do galerii.

Passing months were very tiresome and full of constant lack of time for my figures and models. Recently I decided to finished all those things I've started back in 2009.
Today I present the finished German POW figures. I really enjoyed this project and I think these are some of the better figures I managed to sculpt during year 2009.
For more pictures visit the gallery.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dalsze kreacje malarskie, znowu temat kręci się wokół zbiorów kulistych. Postanowiłem wykorzystać stare płótno, zagruntowane w beżach, pierwsze jednak co zrobiłem to przeszlifowałem nieco grubą jego fakturę i dopiero na to położyłem nową, jednolitą warstwę. Dalej przez parę dni były tylko kulki. Na razie udało mi się zrobić zarys, w najbliższym czasie zamierzam rozbudować całość w nowe kolory.

Further oil paint creations, and again round shapes. I use a older canvas that I renewed, covered with a new layer of beige primer and started painting circles. More vibrant colors are to be added.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yet another year passed

Well it's been two years since I started this blog, I never really thought I'll be able to keep it going for such long time. I can only hope that I won't loose my eagerness for this activity. Thanks for all the visits, comments and your evergrowing feedback girls and guys. It's more than appreciated!
See you soon with new stuff.

Here's a pic of what I brought with me from Bytom:

Monday, March 1, 2010

VII Festiwal Modeli Redukcyjnych - Bytom 2010

I got back from Bytom yesterday evening, the event was even better than the previous year. I took with me two of my models, the Arty Sherman and soviet Pz IV. No trophys for these but I got a medal for the "Old servant tells his tale" vignette. There where many beautiful pieces among the displayed works.

"The old servant..." scene was awarded in the vignette class.

There were some fine busts from Ademola 22:

September 1939 - 40 -1 - polish Spartan against 40 Germans at Wizna (awarded in vignette class):

Sergiusz Pęczek displayed his classy Panther D:

This Ausf G caught my eye too:

Sebastian Woś brought many of his works, among them this 'italian' Pz IV D:

KV 1 by Adam Obrębski:

This one was one of the best models in the soft skin vehicles class:

The show gathered more than 700 models on display, there were modelers from Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Slovakia and Serbia. It was good to meet old friends and meet new people. See you next year.
I only regret that I didn't take more good pictures...