Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review - Advanced Figure Modelling vol. 1, Periscopio Publications

Today I present the delayed review (sorry for that Rudi). I just hadn't have the time to do this as I planned to.
Periscopio Publications released their first book about modelling - the Advanced Figure Modelling volume 1. The book has 180 pages and is in 210 x 280 mm format, on high quality paper. The book comes very handy for figure fans, we find there different articles like painting or sculpting sbs' (5 of these) written by famous figure artists. There are also 26 uniform and weaponry illustrations and a total of 35 figure models. The book covers different eras from ancient Greece, through Medieval and of course up to WW 2.
Among the authors we find such well known names like Ray Farrugia, Diego Ruina, Mike Blank, Stephen Mallia, Jaume Ortiz, Petro Balloni as well as many Greek artists like Costas Rodopoulos, Christos Katselos and many other.

Some of the contents:

Grigoris Marmatakis and his impressive and dramatic Thermopylae battle vignette:

Ray Farrugia presents a detailed painting sbs on Mameluk figure:

Mike Blank describes his Wiking warrior figure:

Beautifuly painted Byzantine Cavalry Standard Bearer by Costas Rodopoulos:

Sculpting sbs section - Markus Ecmann's Trapper:

Jaume Ortiz presents a detailed photo sbs material on painting Alexander Minaitures SS Grenadier in parka:

Diego Ruina describes how he painted his SS Sturmbahnfuehrer from Pegaso Models:

So what's the book like?
Overally in my opinion the books is a comprehensive "users manual" for figure modellers, shows useful tips and tricks, learns how to sculpt your own figures and how to paint them ina professional worth getting it. It will surely be a good addition to your modeling literature collection.
As far as I'm informed, the second volume of Advanced figure modelling is on it's way to be published so stay tuned for more.


  1. Hi Radek,
    Thanks for the review.

    I'd seen some of the figures before, but I think the book might be worth it (to me at least) just for Mike, Jaume and Diego's SBSs.

    Thanks my friend!


  2. Hi Rudi

    Believe me, the Greek figure modellers' works are worth seeing too ;) E.g. the Byzantine Standard Bearer is simply beautiful.