Saturday, July 4, 2009

German POW #1

Ostatnio wpadłem na pomysł by wykonać figurkę niemieckiego jeńca wojennego, projekt zupełnie specjalnie nie planowany, raczej spontaniczny. Figurka w skali 1/35 oczywiście, na razie pokryta podkładem surfacer 1000, wymaga oczyszczenia.

Here's a small project o'mine, sculpt done just for fun, german conscripts infantryman POW.
The figure is in 1/35, it's covered with surfacer 1000 primer and is ready for further cleanup. Now I'm planning a second one, they will be a part of a winter diorama in the future.


  1. Just saw your site thru Calvin's site and I must say I am pretty impressed with your work! I admire your ability to sculpt and convey natural and likeness to your figures!

    I wish I had half your talent! I started modeling at 12 years old and stopped when I got married, I'm what you would say a closet modeller. I also have lots of unopened DML, Tamiya and resin figure kits. Anyway, seeing your work inspires me. Keep it up!

    Cheers from Manila,


  2. Hello Chris
    Ach, women, they tend to change our life radically :)
    Thanks for the visit and commenting, I'm glad you like my works. Don't hesitate to drop in from time to time.