Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming soon...

Będąc ostatnio nieco zajęty różnymi tematami, nie miałem czasu opublikować żadnych postępów, jednakże niebawem nadrobię to. W dalszym ciągu zapraszam do odwiedzin.

Beeing very busy lately I haven'y got time to psot any news from the bench but I promise to change this as soon as possible. Stay tuned ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Radek,

    How's things going? Congrats and nice work on the noblemen vignette! I like your paint finish - they have that 'painterly' look, almost like looking at a piece of oil painting.

    You work fast! Another vignette in the works! Great story and setting with the bazooka team.

    I just picked up Calvin's in-depth article in Military Modelling (Vol.38.#11) on a commisioned figure he did for a collector. Amazing work. See if you can get a copy.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on your works.